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French Immersion

French Immersion students are taught in French 100 per cent of the time. Learning in French gradually decreases as they progress through the grades. Students have the opportunity to achieve international language certification and recognition upon graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of French immersion programs? 
The Edmonton Public School District students will meet provincial program expectations and will demonstrate their knowledge and skills on nationally and internationally recognized proficiency guidelines such as those developed by the Public Service Commission of Canada. The goal of the Early and Continuing French immersion program is to help students successfully complete the Alberta curriculum requirements and develop an Advanced Plus level of proficiency in French by the end of Grade 12.  An understanding and appreciation of francophone cultures will also be emphasized. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the French immersion programs will be able to communicate, undertake post-secondary studies and pursue employment opportunities in both English and French. 

--Institute for Innovation in Second Language Education 

How successful is French immersion?
Thirty-five years of research shows that French immersion students do as well as, and often better than, their English-program peers in all subject areas.  The results of Alberta Education’s Achievement Tests consistently show that French immersion students perform better than regular program students in mathematics, science and social studies at Grades 3, 6 and 9 and on the grade 12 Diploma Exams. 

--Institute for Innovation in Second Language Education 

What are the benefits of learning French?
The Impact of Second Language Education study shows the benefits of learning a second language are much broader than simply the ability to speak in another language.  It reports on research that affirms the importance of second language education on intellectual potential, scholastic achievement, first language skills, citizenship and the economy.

How do I support my child’s learning?
Parents often worry that they will not be able to support their children or help with homework.  You might be interested to know that many of the parents of École J.A. Fife School students speak very little or no French.

There are many ways parents can help their child. 

  • Ask your child’s teacher for suggestions.  
  • Get a copy of Alberta Education’s practical handbook for immersion parents called Yes, You can Help!, written by experienced immersion parents. 
  • Contact Canadian Parents for French, a national volunteer organization made up of parents with children in French immersion and core French programs.  Visit the CPF website at www.cpf.ca or call CPF Alberta at 780.433.7311.
  • Students with learning challenges do not have to move to an English program.  Research shows that most learning difficulties are not language-related and can be addressed in any language.  Talk to your child’s teacher if you have concerns